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To all interested Nova members,
Kerry Marion, a director on Nova’s board, with Harland Coles, are leading an Aboriginal Run/Walk Program in partnership with SportMed BC and the Aboriginal Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Council (ASRPA). Our version of this program is going to involve training for a 10K walk, leading up to a 10K walking event, which will tentatively take place on April 24th. The event will be open to all the registered participants, and we will also be hosting a post-event gathering for participants, their families and friends. Details to follow on the final event if you decide to become part of our walking group.

Walking Locations:

Holland Park:  City of Surrey Website  and Map

Fleetwood Community Centre:  Website and Map  (Parking and Bathrooms)

Tynehead Regional Park:  Website and Map and Site Map (Parking)

Getting Involved

If you decide you would like to be involved, listed below are the steps you will need to follow to become registered through SportMed BC. All those planning on joining the group must be registered prior to February 5th, and prior to their first walking session. We had our first walk on Thursday, February 4th, in Holland Park in Surrey Centre. If you want to be involved, but cannot make the first session, please register before registration closes on February 5th.

The purpose of this training program is to help the members in becoming more physically active and to foster greater community involvement on a weekly basis. We will be meeting to walk on Thursday evenings as a group and the expectation of the program is that everyone will also walk an additional 2X a week on their own to safely and gradually increase their mileage, which will enable everyone to complete the final 10K event safely and enjoy it! And yes, we will be walking rain or shine! With that in mind, you will need to wear comfortable shoes for walking, and dress appropriately for the weather, especially at this time of year.

Once registered, you will receive emails from SportMed BC, and at your first session you will also receive a Run/Walk training logbook and booklet that contains your weekly training program guide. We will have a weekly short discussion on some health/fitness topic before we begin our walk. As everyone will have their own pace to walk at, the faster walkers will loop back to join the others in the group along the way so we all stay together. This might mean a few more feet walked for some, but it’s all good!

I hope that this gives you enough information for you to become part of the first group of Nova’s Metis Walkers! Why not make this your year to become more physically active and at the same time get to know other Nova Metis members who have the same common goal!

Participant Registration and Sign-up steps:

1) Send an email to Kerry Marion at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject "Aborignal Run/Walk Participant" and say "Hi, I want to join the walk."

2) Sign-up on SportMedBC Website:  (This is mandatory for you to complete)

A) Visit https://sportmedbc.com/sportmed-aboriginal-runwalk-2016-participant-application

1. Please ignore the “Access Denied/User Log In” when opening the link and continue as follows:

* If you are an existing user: click on “I have an account” and enter your username (or email) and password.  This will take you to the participant form.  If you have forgotten your password scroll down and click on “request new password” and a new password will be sent.

* If you are a new user: please create a profile and click on “I want to create an account”. Once a profile has been created, click submit.  This will take you to the participant form.  Fill the participant form out and submit.

2.       Participants are to fill out the form completely and choose their leader from the drop down menu. Then submit.  Leader names will be alphabetical order by first name on the drop down menu.  Choose "Kerry Marion"

3.       SportMedBC will then approve the application and participants will have access to the network.


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