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NOVA Métis Heritage Association-Rules of Acceptance

Attention MNBC Card & BC Metis Federation Card Holders:  We still need your proof of  Metis roots in order to have a complete detailed file on all aspects of your Metis identity.

Proof of Métis Ancestry documents such as Scrip documents from Red River Settlement (Manitoba) 1870’s and later, or links to Métis ancestors from the Traditional Métis Nation Homeland(includes mainly the prairie provinces, parts of Ontario & BC.)and below the 49th, in the USA border states as well, church records, birth/death certificate or documents to show your Métis links to your Metis ancestors.

Métis Applicants: Rules to qualify for NMHA Membership

In order for us to process your membership application and issue a Métis
membership ID card, the following information is required:

1) Membership application form must be filled out completely.

2) $30.00 processing fee for each adult age 18 or older.

3) only $15.00 fee for Children or Youth under 18 years.

4) Non-Métis spouses may also apply for an associate membership but
cannot vote or hold office in the association.

5) Sign your name/signature to application and witnessed if you can.

6) Provide two or three pieces of ID for your identification. Drivers license, Medicare card, birth certificate, passport or union card.  A long form birth certificate is highly recommended which greatly helps with geneology verfication.

7) Two small photos to be supplied -- not larger than 35x35 mm Square size. Optionally, two (2) digital photos may be supplied, with either a minimum of 300dpi, if scanned, or minimum 2megapixel from a digital camera, in PNG or JPEG file format. Photo Requirements

8) BC residency, of three (3) months minimum, is preferred, but exceptions may be considered for non BC residents.

9) Genealogy books are available at the Cloverdale branch of the Surrey public library. We need to affirm your Metis roots.

10) The onus for proof of Métis ancestry is on the applicant to verify
your Metis genealogy if you supply us with names and dates of your great
and grandparents. This also means the maiden names of the women’s side
of your ancestry. These dates and maiden names are likely needed to
research your ancestor’s Metis origin.

For Card Replacement: the fee is $10.00, and we will require a new picture (may be digital or 300dpi scanned copy), and a signed, membership form (link below) with name and up-to-date information, such as email, etc.

We are unable to process incomplete applications.

Please notify us if you move or change your contact details, so that we can keep our files current, Thank you.

Application Form 2 Page (PDF)

Family Tree Chart (.pdf) (.ods)

Example Certificate of Membership:

Nova Metis Certificate Example

Nova Métis Office:

Currently Portaging Some Rapids,
Surrey BC

Phone: 778-358-2777
Email: info@novametis.ca

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